Friday, December 23, 2011

It's been a fun long!

As this blog wraps up, I've been thinking about my goals for the year. I made some great progress as a runner, training and running my first half marathon, and even lost a little weight along the way (about 10 pounds!). I still remember how emotional I felt on race day, how I could feel all that hard work paying off and how happy I was to get through that last mile and cross the finish line. Thanks to everyone who left comments and emailed me words of encouragement and running tips. Having your support really made a difference.

Over the spring and summer, I took on the 100-day burpee challenge with my husband and we both lived to tell the tale. It was a tough challenge and there were many days toward the end when I threatened to quit. One great benefit of blogging about it: I was held accountable and kept going. By day 100, I felt stronger and a little leaner.

The fall has been hard because I managed to catch a couple bad colds, but I'm getting back into my groove now. It was frustrating to lose momentum on running and to have to rebuild some strength after taking more days to rest than I'd like.

But I'm still working and my running has gotten easier again. I've decided to sign up for Charlotte RaceFest again this year and have even recruited a friend to run the half with me. So it should be a busy winter of running for me. I'm going to keep working on my goal of being able to do a pull up. I didn't quite make it this year but that gives me something to work on in 2012.

Good luck with your fitness goals for the New Year!
Elizabeth Templin McCamic


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